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apprentAI Generates Actionable Legal Insights

Getting lost in doc-review?

apprentAI is a cutting-edge, AI-based document review platform designed for legal professionals
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Our Vision

apprentAI aims to solve the problem the information revolution created for lawyers - the inability to actionable insights within the vast volumes of data that need to be reviewed


apprentAI uses a patent-pending, cutting-edge algorithm to link legal arguments, witnesses, and documents to an actionable insight

About Us

How apprentAI's Platform Works:


Finds Meaningful Insights

apprentAI's platform analyzes the entire data set to find what legal arguments are relevant to it and what documents are relevant to each legal argument. 


Structures The Review Process

After generating the insights and highlighting the key people and documents, apprentAI creates an argument or topic-based tasks for each team member so they can effectively review the relevant documents

How it works
Litigation Solution
  • Build the most robust case by finding all the relevant arguments that support your client's narrative, and discover what documents base each argument

  • Locate key witnesses and critical evidence in minutes

  • Form argument-based tasks and assign them to the litigation team members

  • Focus on the relevant evidence for your argument

  • Smart track and manage each team member's workload and progress

Due Diligence Solutions
  • Locate more issues, and widen your scope to more un-conventional and "softer" legal infringement

  • Collaborate better and form "issue" based tasks that consist of only the relevant documents

  • Assign each issue to an expert in the legal field

  • Manage and track the work effectively

  • Provide a better, more comprehensive risk analysis

Current Solutions

"Lawyers who don't embrace tech will be replaced by those who do"

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